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Editor: L Vaughan Williams
Submissions Editor: D Bakas
Associate Editor (Website): D Wheatley
Associate Editor: R Ackrill
Associate Editor: S Coleman
Associate Editor: J C Cuestas
Associate Editor: G Slater
Associate Editor: Z Wu

Executive Editor: A Muszanskyj
Production Editor: P G A Howells
Book Review Editor: A Kaltenbrunner

Other Members

A Abbott, University of Hull, UK
H Beladi, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
G De Vita, Oxford Brookes University, UK
H D Dixon, University of York, UK
S J Drinkwater, University of Swansea, UK
R Elliott, University of Birmingham, UK
Ming Chien Sung, University of Southampton, UK
D Osborn, University of Manchester, UK
D Paton, Nottingham University, UK
B Philp, Birmingham City University, UK
L Shackleton, University of Buckingham, UK
P Skott, University of Massachusetts, USA 
K Taylor, University of Sheffield, UK
A Thorpe, University of Portsmouth, UK



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